“The NCBC has sent its report to Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Mukul Wasnik on September 15. Now, it is upto the Government to take a decision on our recommendations,” sources in the NCBC told The Pioneer.

“The `4.5 lakh ceiling, which was fixed in 2008, is very less. Since then, inflation has sky-rocketed. Moreover, the salary of the Central Government employees has also increased after the implementation of the Sixth Pay Commission’s recommendations,” sources said.

The Commission feels that inflation has shot up in the last three years, touching double digit at present. The prices of all essential commodities, including food items, have doubled and the prices of petroleum products have also increased substantially, they feel.

The Commission in its report has also mentioned that the salary of the Central Government employees has increased substantially, threatening to include even a Third Grade bank employee in the creamy layer.

Keeping these factors in view the full Commission, comprising Chairman Justice MN Rao, members RS Kharvendan, Deepak Katole and Shakeel uz zaman Ansari, has recommended to the Government to double the ceiling to at least `9 lakh.

The NCBC has arrived at the conclusion after consulting the State Backward Classes Commissions. “Most of the State Commissions have recommended doubling the ceiling. Some have suggested that it should be increased three and even four times of the present limit,” the sources said.

The NCBC was asked to consult all states and recommend a revised cut-off mark to decide the eligibility for OBC quota. (Source: The Pioneer)

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It has always been a strategy of some groups in  India to spread lie. It is called Globel's Tactis. If you are hammered with false from so many mouths, wrong things, articles, statements are taken as facts. General people and specially people covered under OBC are under the influence of these Gobels Facts.

Reservation for socially and educationally backward classes has been listed in constitution of India and was stated set the commission to decide reservation for such class. Time killing tactics kill 40 years (2 generations) and the reservation based on Mandal Commission report was implemented by V. P. Singh.

Mandal commission does not give reservation on caste. It has set criterion on  Social, Educational and Economical parameters and a marking scale was prepared. Reservation can not be given by name, surname or place. The best suited criteria in Indian context is to group on the basis of caste. Hence, those castes which are  under above parameters are included in OBC list.. These lists contain thousands of castes from all religions- such as Muslim, Sikh, Hindu etc. The criterion under which OBC are classified are given beside.

Two marks were allotted to each indicator, the total score adds up to 22. All these 11 indicators were applied to the people covered by the survey for a particular state. As a result of this application, all castes which had a score of 50% and more (i.e. 11 points) were listed as socially and educationally backward. The SEBC were found to be 52% in India and 27 % reservation was declared for SEBC.



  • There are six rules to decide creamy layer for various categories.  The sons and daughter of parents who are Government servants, creamy layer is decided on the status (grade of service) and not on the salary income. Sons and daughters of direct recruit grade A or previous Class I officers are under creamy layer, all other are Non Creamy......

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    The creamy layer status of an individual is decided by his/ her parents income and not by his own income or the income/ status of spouse. Creamy layer status of married woman is decided on the status/ income of her parents and not on the status or income of her husband.

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     The salary of government servant is not considered for deciding creamy layer, however the status of the government servant is a deciding factor for creamy layer. Sons and daughters of direct Class 1 or Grade A  are under Creamy Layer. For a government servant category 2 or category 3 are applicable.

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  1. Classes considered as socially backward by others.
  2. Classes which mainly depend on manual labour for their livelihood.
  3. Classes where at least 25 per cent females and 10 per cent males above the state average get married at an age below 17 years in rural areas and at least 10 per cent females and 5 per cent males do so in urban areas.
  4. Classes where participation of females in work is at least 25 per cent above the state average.


  1. Classes where the number of children in the age group of 5–15 years who never attended school is at least 25 percent above the state average.
  2. Classes where the rate of student drop-out in the age group of 5–15 years is at least 25 percent above the state average.
  3. Classes amongst whom the proportion of matriculates is at least 25 per cent below the state average.


  1. Classes where the average value of family assets is at least 25 per cent below the state average.
  2. Classes where the number of families living in kuccha houses is at least 25 per cent above the state average.
  3. Classes where the source of drinking water is beyond half kilometer for more than 50 per cent of the households.
  4. Classes where the number of households having taken consumption loans is at least 25 per cent above the state average.


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