M.P. Creamy Layer Criteria

Madhya Pradesh Government issued a circular on 25 Feb 2003, stating the creamy layer criteria. The creamy layer status of the candidate is decided on the status of his/ her parents. There are total six categories. First  category is for constitutional posts, next category for service, third for Armed Forces , fourth for Professionals and persons engaged in trade and business, Fifth category for property owners and sixth is the income test. For sixth category income from salary and agriculture income is not included....


M.P. Creamy Layer Limit raised to 6 Lakh     

The limit of income for creamy layer has been increased to 6 lakh from 4.5 lakh vide government order no. F7-28/2009/aa. pra./eak dated 2-7-2013


M. P. OBC Caste List

Please check here the castes included in OBC category by Government of Madhya Pradesh vide MP Gazette No. 205 dated 5th April 1997. The list is classified into 90 caste groups..


    • A. P. Creamy Layer Criteria

      Backward Class Welfare Department AP issued a government resolution enhancing creamy layer limit to 4 lakh from 2.5 lakh vide G.O. no-3 dated 04-04-2006.

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    • A. P. Creamy Layer Clarification

      Clarification of Creamy layer Criteria on Six Categories. It is clearly stated in the circular that

      if the income from salary / salaries of the parents of a candidate is more than Rs.4.50 Lakh per annum (Rs.4.00 Lakh only under Govt. of A.P), income from agricultural land is also more than Rs.4.50 Lakh per annum (Rs.4.00 Lakh only under Govt. of A.P),but income from other sources is less than Rs. 4.50 Lakh per annum (Rs.4.00 Lakh only under Govt. of A.P), the candidate shall not be treated to be falling in the Creamy Layer on the basis of income / wealth test, provided his parents do not possess wealth above the exemption limit prescribed in the Wealth Tax Act for a period of three consecutive years.
      It clearly indicates that income from salaries and agriculture shall not be taken into account or they be clubbed with income from other sources while applying the income / wealth test.

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    • Maharashtra- Creamy Layer Income limit
      • The income limit for creamy layer status  has been increased to 4.5 lakh by Government Resolution Number CBC10-2008/697/5 dated 13-1-2009.

        Earlier the state government had issued the GR  dated 5-6-1997 changing the central government criteria of creamy layer. In this GR a class A officer was under Non Creamy Layer if his income was less than 1 lakh. The same criteria was continued with increase of income limit from time to time. Means the Class of Central Government Notification was shifted to  income by this GR.

        However,  above mentioned recent GR issued on 13-1-2009 states that the Non Creamy Status of OBC shall be decided as per Central Government Notification. Means all six categories as mentioned in Central Government Notification (Stated every where on this website) shall be applicable. Also, the GR states that the income limit for deciding creamy layer (of other than salaried persons) shall be applicable as decided by Central Government from time to time.

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        Maharashtra- New castes added in OBC List

        Recently State Government has issued new GR on dated on 18-10-2013 to add new castes in Maharashtra State OBC List. The castes are Rathod, Marwadi Navhi, Guradi, Bagadi, Jangam, Kathar Deondiga, Yadav, Shimpi, Darji, Kachi, Pancham Winkar, Telgu shimpi Malajangam, ladshakhiy wani etc.

      • Read More to obtain the complete GR.

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Maharashtra Creamy Layer Duration  3 years    

Maharashtra Government has issued a GR specifying the duration of validity of creamy layer certificate for three years. Click Here to download the GR.

However, as usual the GR is incomplete, misleading with unnecessary introduction quoting Indira Sahani case . It states that the creamy layer certificate shall be issued for 3 years to the children of parents whose income for all three years is less than 6 lakh. The parents whose income for last 2 years is less than 6 lakh, their children shall be issued NCL for 2 years. Similarly,  the parents whose income for 1 year is less than 6 lakh, their children shall be issued NCL certificate for 1 year.

The desk officer who has drafted this GR has forgotten that income test is one of the six criteria on which Non Creamy Layer Certificate is issued which is applicable for Business Class. However, for the the wards of parents in Government service,  Salary income  is not applicable. For income test income other than salary and agriculture income is applicable for service class category. The sons and daughters whose father/ mother or both are appointed as Class 3 or Class 4 government employee, their sons and daughters are NCL forever. Similarly there are various sub categories in service class where the candidate's NCL is  decided on appointment or promotion status of their parents.

It is observed that, the Government Officers have not clearly understood Central Government memorandum dated 8th Sept 1993. The GR misleads the certificate issuing authorities as if NCL is issued on income of parents.

We request State Government to issue necessary corrigendum/ addenda to the GR specifying limits of certificates for other categories also. eg- NCL Certificate for Service Category is perpetual.

Please don't confuse people.

Maharashtra Creamy Layer Limit- 6 lakh    

Maharashtra Government has issued a GR stating new creamy layer limit. Now the creamy layer limit for OBC in Maharshtra State has been increased to 6 lakh. GR also iterates that the rules and regulation issued by central government issued from time to time shall be followed.

OBC Guru had pointed out the mistake in the letter issued by state government about income consideration.(Check letter below) , however, same has been rectified in this GR.

The sons and daughters of the persons, where income test is applicable, are eligible for NCL certificate if the income of any one year of last  three years is less than 6 lakh.


Maharashtra Govt. letter dated 22-1-2013. Thanks

  • Government of Maharashtra have recently issued a a letter to clarify Non Creamy layer in accordance with Central Government Notifications issued from time to time. Thanks to Govt of Maharashtra for issuing information that clearly states every thing without any ambiguity.

    Click here to download Government Letter dated 22-1-2013 (Mistake in the letter is highlighted)

    However, there is one mistake in the letter. It states that the income of parents for each year  of  the last three consecutive year shall be less than 4.5 lakh lakh for Non Creamy Layer Certificate. It has given the reference of Central Govt 14-10-2004 Office Memorandum.  The said Office Memorandum says that the income of any one of three last consecutive year shall be less than prescribed limit.

    Click here to Check  Central Government OM dated 14-10-2004 & (Highlighted Text)

    The mistake is also with contrary to Maharashtra Govt  GR issued earlier on 30th June 1998 that clearly states that the lowest income of the last three consecutive year shall be considered and average shall not be considered.

    Click here to verify 1998 Mah. Government GR

    OBCGURU request Maharashtra Government to rectify the mistake immediately and also to issue application format as per Central Government application form for Non Creamy Layer certificate. clearly mentioning the explanatory notes (as given in above letter) on the rear side of each application form.

    However, we congratulate GOM for reinstating Central Government Norms and issuing a clear letter.

    The salient points are-

    1) Sons and daughters whose father/ mother or both were in  Class III and Class IV employee of State or Central Government at the time of service and later get Class I/ II service (at any age, may be at the age less than 40 years) are always in Non Creamy Layer.

    Example: a) Mr A and Mrs A both are now Cass One officers who were class Three at the time of joining the service. Sons/ Daughters of A & B are under Non Creamy Layer.

    Please Note again income limit is not for service class. It is for business class.

    2) If salaried persons have other income (Again here excluding income from Agriculture) shall be less than 4.5 lakh or limit prescribed from time to time.

    Example b) Suppose same A and B both have a house and getting income of Rs 4 lakh per year from the rent. They have also agriculture income of Rs 5 lakh or more per year. Their salary income is 12 lakh per anum. Sons/ Daughters of A & B are still under Non Creamy Layer because salary income and agriculture income are not added and other income is 4 lakh which is less than 4.5 lakh.

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